HSL Femtocell

Femtocells create new opportunities for mobile network operators including improvements to the quality of the subscriber experience, the opportunity for new services, lower CAPEX and OPEX, increased operator revenue and cheaper calls for subscribers. The addition of femtocell infrastructure to an existing network, or as part of a new network build, need not be a demanding process. The HSL Femtocell is a GSM femtocell that has been designed with this in mind and is therefore simple to deploy and manage, particularly when used with the HSL FemtoNet managed service.

Targeted for use by large and small GSM network operators, the HSL Femtocell is suited for use in both residential and office environments. HSL's Femtocell supports GSM, GPRS and EDGE enabling network operators to provide their subscribers with fast mobile data connections in their own homes and offices, and to focus on revenue opportunities available from both its 2G subscriber base as well as its 3G subscriber base.

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The Femtocell Trial Package is available for purchase and is recommended for mobile network operators and system integrators. Further information is available in the Femtocell Trial Package section where you may also request a quotation.

To contact HSL Mobile Networks Technical Sales, please telephone on +44 1506 605 260 or email femtocell@haysystems.com.

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